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"Kristen Doyle of Chalk and Apples has redesigned two different blogs for me. Her work was stellar to say the least. I was impressed with how quickly was able to complete them and how well she had thought out the process to make it easier for me to figure out what I wanted and needed. Kristen's customer service is top notch, she worked very hard to make sure my blog design was what I envisioned it to be. Beyond this she also offered her services at a very reasonable price. When asked if I know any blog designers, I am ALWAYS happy to give Kristen's name out and I am confident that she can take any blogger to the next level with her designs and expertise."
~Tonja, Smart Puppy Learning & Ta-Doodles Illustrations

"If you're thinking about getting a blog makeover, don't even hesitate to go with Kristen. She made the process simple and was great to work with. She listened to my crazy ideas and made them work! I can't believe how great my blog looks now. My only regret was waiting so long to go for it. What you get for the price is an unbelievable deal too!"
~Suzy, On the Go Teacher Mama

"Kristen was a blast to work with! She was very interested in my blog wants and needs. I truly appreciated her attentiveness and loved the end result!"
~Erin, The Watering Hole

"I am absolutely in love with my blog design! Kristen really worked her blog design magic!  I have received so many compliments! What I really appreciate, besides the wonderful look of my blog, is how easy it was to work with Kristen. She actually listened to what I wanted! She took my ideas, did her magic, and Presto! I had a blog that was over and beyond what I had pictured in my mind. And did I mention how reasonable her prices are? I would absolutely recommend Kristen to anyone who is looking for a blog designer who can surpass the ordinary and dip into the extraordinary."
~Juliet, Tech Crazy Teacher

"I absolutely love my blog design! It's wonderful and exactly what I had in mind when I explained what look I had in mind! I look forward to working on my colorful blog. Kristen was great to work with, on time, and very clear on things I had questions about. I had the opportunity to think about every option ahead of time and that time was perfect for me!"
~Lidia, The Reading Nook

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