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Are you looking for the streamlined look and mobile responsive design of  a WordPress site, but not ready to leave Blogger's familiarity (or pay the hefty price tags associated with WordPress sites)? A Modern & Professional template is just the thing for you!

When you complete your design questionnaire, you will choose a template from a variety of fresh, professional styles that are all mobile responsive. You will also provide me with all of the vital information, including colors and fonts you love, and  your vision for the blog. I will create custom graphics, customize, and install your design, so that all you have to do is blog!

Your Design Includes

  • Your choice of templates
  • Installation & mobile responsive design
  • Header
  • Custom logo/button
  • Signature
  • Navigation bar
  • Sidebar titles
  • Featured post slider
  • Social media icons
  • Scroll to top button
  • Share icons on each post
  • Custom Bloglovin, Email, and TPT buttons
  • Watermarks (3 colors)
  • Sidebar photo & short bio
  • Custom Pinterest widget
  • Instagram widget
  • Branded profile photo
I work with a wide variety of templates, but recommend those from Georgia Lou Studios for their functionality and Search Engine Optimization. Email me for a full list of templates I work with, or if you have located a template you'd like me to use.

I work with only a few bloggers at a time to be sure we create a design that is uniquely you. As with all of my designs, these designs are completely custom, and are never reused on other sites.

Existing Clients

If you still love your current design and want to retain your branding, but want to migrate it to a mobile responsive template and take advantage of improved Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features, I will be happy to move your design to one of these templates at a reduced charge of $50.

Your migration includes

  • Streamlined header image in the same colors/fonts/styles as your current header.
  • Follow my TPT store graphic
  • Keep your current grab button & signature
  • Installation and customization of your choice of mobile responsive templates
To take advantage of this, use the Sign Me Up link, and select Modern & Professional UPDATE when you complete the form.

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