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Removing the black background from your logo in linky parties |
Round blog buttons are rapidly growing in popularity among teacher bloggers now that TPT has gone to round profile pictures. To be honest, I love them! But they present a slight issue when linking up on other blogs for linky parties. Inlinkz often puts a black background behind the round images, which totally ruins the look of your gorgeous blog button. Today I'm sharing an easy fix!

Let's start with the cause of the black background... Your image is probably a PNG file. PNG files are great for a lot of things. They resize well without losing resolution. We like to use PNG especially for round or oddly shaped images because PNG files don't have that white square background.

**Ding, ding ding!** 

This is our problem with using the PNG file on Inlinkz. Most places, like the sidebar of your blog, have a white background, so it doesn't matter that the image is round with no background. Inlinkz, apparently, does not. This is why you see the ugly black box behind your beautiful blog button. Here's how to fix it:

1. Save your blog button as a JPG.

There are lots of ways to do this, but I'll walk you through a really easy way to save as JPEG right in PowerPoint, since I know it's familiar to most of us.

First, drag your button into a PowerPoint file. Then right click (or Command+Click on a Mac) and click "Save as Picture."

Now, save your image as a JPEG by choosing it from the drop down menu.

See, that was easy! 

At this point, you can use this image when you link up by clicking "Upload" instead of choosing from the automatically pulled images from your blog. Most of the time, though, I am linking up a post from somewhere other than my home computer, not to mention, it's quicker to type in a short URL than to search through my files for the right JPEG image. Here's a shortcut for you...

2. Upload your image somewhere.

I use Blogger for this, since I'm already there all the time, anyway, but anywhere will work... Photobucket, Pinterest, wherever. In Blogger, just upload your image to a new blog post. Then right click the image (you can do this right in the post editing/composing screen) and click "Copy image URL." 

Now you can delete the draft post (yes, really, it's ok! Although you might want to wait until you finish the next step.)

3. Shorten the link.

The next step is what makes it easy to use your JPEG button when you're linking up. Go to and shorten this loooooonng image URL. If you want to be able to track clicks on this link, make an account with Bitly, but if not, you don't even have to sign in!
Once you paste the link, it will automatically shorten it using random letters and numbers. You're going to want to customize it to something you will remember. You can do this on the right side of the screen.

I saved mine as Go ahead, click it... See how it's JUST my button, not a page from my blog? That's what you want! FYI - Bitlinks are case-sensitive, so unless you want to have to remember to capitalize letters every time you use it, I'd go all lowercase.

4. Use your Bitlink when you link up! 

Now you're ready to link up with your new & improved, black box free blog button! I'll show how it works in Inlinkz since it's the most common linky tool I see used. You can even practice on the linky below. One rule - link your BLOG only, no spam!

Paste in your blog URL like usual. When Inlinkz automatically pulls images from your blog, resist the temptation to choose one of those,and click on "Image URL" on the left side.

Now type your custom bitlink into the URL field and click load. Sometimes Inlinkz will say that it is not a valid URL if you don't use the http://, so I am in the habit of just always typing it. As long as I do, I've never had a problem. Your image should appear in the box on the right. Click select, and then click done.

There you go... you did it!

Try it here...

    An InLinkz Link-up


  1. Such an easy fix! I hate that black box that always showed up :-) Lisa

  2. Thank you so much, Kristen. I always love technology tutorials.


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