6 Myths about Blogger that just aren't true

There are lots of myths floating around about why WordPress is better than Blogger. Here's the truth about 6 of them.
If you're reading this, and you currently blog on Blogger (Blogspot), chances are you've been told at some point that you need to switch your blog to WordPress or Squarespace because of one of these myths. Here’s the truth...

How to Set Your Blog's Logo for Facebook Links

How to fix the "Sorry Image Not Available" error when linking to your Blogger blog on Facebook.
Do you see the dreaded "Sorry Image Not Available" message when linking to your blog on Facebook? Or maybe when you link, Facebook shows a cropped section of your header image. Either way, it's frustrating for your brand not to be presented the way you'd like, especially when you're marketing! Today, I'm sharing an easy fix that will allow you to choose any image to use when you link to your blog on Facebook. You'll be able to specifically control whether FB pulls your logo, header, or a profile picture.
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